with Walter-Michael Vollhardt


Workshop A:

Cello-Orchestra for around 24 cellists

Music by Piazzolla, Joplin, Holm, Klengel, Popper, Abreu etc.

Open for cello teachers, amateurs and students


Workshop B:

Global Cello: Seminar about enlarging your cello repertoire for music from all parts of the world.

Contemporary cello music from Germany, US, Argentine, Brazil, Japan, Israel, Russia etc.

Open for cello teachers and students


Workshop C:

Strings Chamber Orchestra: Workshop for Contemporary Music

Music by Britten, Bartok, Glass, Piazzolla, Dinescu, Strawinsky, Schtschedrin etc.

Open for string teachers and students


Workshop D:

Masterclass for Conductors of School Orchestras

In conjunction with the Workshop for Chamber Orchestra

Topics: Suitable repertoire, profound knowledge about string technique, articulation, phrasings, intonation, sound.

Open for music teachers

Interested? Please contact vollhardt@gmx.de